Book a 1 day Tour

I am mostly up for private tours (1-4 people), but we can talk larger groups too.

Prices are for 1 person and include transportation from Cluj-Napoca and entry fee. For more people, prices are negotiable.
Please check the box of the tour you want to book.

 1 day Tours:
 Code ,   Time,             Attraction,                                              price for 1;

        6-7 h:             Hoia-Baciu Forest + Banffy Castle      100 eur
        7-9 h:             Turda Salt-Mine + Turda Gorge            100 eur
        8-10 h:             Alba Iulia + Coltesti Fortress              100 eur
        10-12 h:         Church of Biertan + Sighisoara         
160 eur