Book a 2 days Tour

I am mostly up for private tours (1-4 people), but we can talk larger groups too.

Prices are for 1 person and include transportation from Cluj-Napoca, entry fee and acomodation. For more people, prices are negotiable.

Time is calculated, total, from the start until we get back in Cluj, for example, if we go in C1 tour, we start from Cluj at 12:00 and we get back after 26-30 hours, that is the next day arround 14:00 to 18:00.

Please check the box of the tour you want to book.

 2 day Tours:
 Code,   Time,                  Attraction,                                                 price for 1;

        26-30 h:             Bologa Fortress + Rogojel Village + Vladeasa Massif    200 eur