This place is not crowded with tourists, in part because it is hidden 56km away from Cluj-Napoca. That is 40-60 minutes of driving. Also I would recommend to visit Bologa citadel on a tour through Apuseni Mountains where we can also visit Rogojel village and Vladeasa Masiff, you can book this tour here.

Anyway, I am available for a custom tour anytime.


Bologa Citadel, Cluj County, dates from the end of the 13th century – beginning of the 14th century and is an important medieval fortification. It was used as a refuge for the local population in times of siege. King Sigismund of Luxembourg gave Bologa Fortress and Bran Castle to Mircea the Old, after signing the treaty of alliance against the Ottoman Empire, in Brasov, in 1399.imageedit_15_3072845794.jpgimageedit_11_8750475209.jpg