This one has no place in the fancy touristic tour. Kornis Castle is forgotten and left in ruins. But if you dare to visit this forsaken place, you might get a glimpse of what this jewel once was. Rarely a tourist can be spotted in this area, in part because the castle is not prepared for visitors, in some areas the ruins can be dangerous.

On the way to this place we can stop to admire another one, more touristic and more famous, Banffy Castle also known as Electric Castle. Book this tour by selecting A5 HERE



The Kornis Castle from Manastirea – was built in 1593 and was a noble residence. It was strengthened in the second half of the XVII-th century and it is one of the most valuable monuments built in Renaissance style from Transylvania.

During the Second World War part of the castle was destroyed and after the nationalization its collections were burned by the Communists or were stolen. The castle library contained over 9,000 volumes before destruction, consisting of collections of rare books. It was destroyed also the vast collection of natural history. Between 1975-1976 was rebuilt only part of the masonry, but there were no serious work of restoration and the castle is now in ruins.


The castle is known for the statues of two unicorns which guarded the entry until recently, when they were removed after a failed burglary attempt.


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