Liteni Fortress

The Liteni Fortress (or Lita Citadel), is a medieval fortress built 3 km southwest of the present village of Liteni, Cluj County, on a cliff above the Iara River Valley. The ruins (some of the most picturesque ruins of medieval Transylvania) are located in Western Carpathians, about 30 km southwest of Cluj-Napoca.

After a 50 minutes drive and then a 20 minutes hike we will be at the entrance of this old castle. The view is amazing and some areas are not suited for the ones with fear of heights.

Because of it’s remote access, this option can only be booked for a custom tour. We can spend the day here for an outdoor barbecue, also admiring the wilderness of the area. or we can include this in a special tour of sightseeing or an off-road tour, that soon will be available.

I know it looks like a Vampire lair, but this beautiful ruins were once the safe spot for people in Cluj. More precisely in 1241 the authorities of Cluj County fled here during the Mongol invasion.

There are no precise data on the causes of the definitive abandonment of the city, but seems that it happened during the Kuruts’ war led by Francisc II Rákóczi in the early 18th century.