Rogojel village is a remote village in the heart of Western Carphatians. Tradition is well preserved here and the wilderness is side by side with locals. We can visit some of the villagers and see how they live their lives, we can taste the home-made food, but the home-made brandy is the best 🙂 Depending on the time, we can take a walk through nearby forests to pick up mushrooms or wild fruits, or just to admire the nature.

On the way to Rogojel we can stop to Bologa Fortress, also if you decide to spend the night here, we can take a longer walk on the “Roof of Transylvania” the next day, book the tour HERE.


Things don’t change much in the mountain villages. Since ancient times people live in, around and from the forest. The people made huge pastures higher up in the mountains where they herd sheep and cattle. These open meadows are colored in spring and summer by millions of flowers, many species since long gone in western Europe. The shepherds move with the sheep up in the mountains in late May, only to return end September. Some shepherds are herding their own flock, others are herding the sheep for the whole village and are paid a percentage of the cheese. Some shepherds stay for the whole summer at the same spot, others move around and sleep in handmade mobile wagons. The sheep are milked up to three times a day and the milk is directly processed in cheese. The shepherds stay with their huge sheepdogs day and night around the flock to protect them from wolves and bears.