Corvin Castle, Deva Citadel, Alba Iulia day trip!

My boyfriend and I booked a day trip online to visit Corvin Castle and Alba Iulia Citadel. We had no expectations as we had not read any reviews. What a fantastic risk it was… a wonderful trip and attentive host. Alex is a chilled, easy to talk to guy with a love a techno music and overall a very good tour guide. His driving is excellent which is important because this is a full day trip with lots of driving between each place.

We visited Corvin Castle first which encapsulated our perception of what we thought Transylvania would be like – raw beauty.

The second part of the trip was an extra suggestion from Alex, a Citadel (fortress) in Deva at the top of a hill where the views were spectacular.

The third part of our trip included a trip to Alba Iulia Citadel absolutely exceeded our expectations. It was so big with lots to see and do. We ate dinner in the medieval restaurant (so tasty!) and explored the religious buildings and museums within the walls.

The final part of the trip was another surprise – a drive through the Transylvanian mountains, what a view.

Thank you Alex, you really did well mate. Very good value for money.

Amie K

Even a good guide in the ‘urban jungle’!

Alex is a nice and social guy and easy to communicate with. I met him ad the fleamarket ( my idea he is very flexible)
Were we browsed a couple of hours and the went into the city centre for an interesting and entertaining walk through and around the city. I could really recommend Alex as an city host and a tourguide.

Lennart h

Cluj Tours!

Alex was a great tour guide! We spent two days with him the first day we went to the Turda salt mines and then to the Turda gorge, the second day we did a tour around the city of Cluj-Napoca. We had a great time! Alex is very friendly and will definitely take good care of you. He is very knowledgeable and if you enjoy nature definitely ask him to take you to the Turda gorge and the west Carpathian Mountains! We had a great time and would definitely go back

Rachel H

Excellent tour!

I was supposed to do the night tour of the forest but couldn’t due to a flight delay. Alex from the Hoia-Baciu project was very flexible and accommodating, so the next day we went to both the forest and the salt mine. Both were so interesting and beautiful in very different ways and Alex has lots of stories to tell about the forest which makes it come alive! I would highly recommend this and can’t wait to come back to visit the forest at night!


We came to the forest just before nightfall. Alex was our guide, and he told us many strange and wonderful stories of the forest as the sun went down, and into the evening.

There were no gimmicks, no fake stories, nothing made up just to scare us – just the enjoyment of nature and the wonderful stories. This experience is definitely what you make it – if you choose to be engaged with nature, you will love it, and if you choose to be afraid of the dark you will be scared. If you choose to meet an entity you just might get that chance too!

We look forward to visiting again.


Booked this on very short notice, so I was really happy to get in, the tour itself was highly informative and scary (in a good way. Alex knew ALOT about the place and it’s history, and was the perfect guide to keeping my overly imaginative mind in place, Highly recommended

Diana L