Corvin Castle, Deva Citadel, Alba Iulia day trip!

My boyfriend and I booked a day trip online to visit Corvin Castle and Alba Iulia Citadel. We had no expectations as we had not read any reviews. What a fantastic risk it was… a wonderful trip and attentive host. Alex is a chilled, easy to talk to guy with a love a techno music and overall a very good tour guide. His driving is excellent which is important because this is a full day trip with lots of driving between each place.

We visited Corvin Castle first which encapsulated our perception of what we thought Transylvania would be like – raw beauty.

The second part of the trip was an extra suggestion from Alex, a Citadel (fortress) in Deva at the top of a hill where the views were spectacular.

The third part of our trip included a trip to Alba Iulia Citadel absolutely exceeded our expectations. It was so big with lots to see and do. We ate dinner in the medieval restaurant (so tasty!) and explored the religious buildings and museums within the walls.

The final part of the trip was another surprise – a drive through the Transylvanian mountains, what a view.

Thank you Alex, you really did well mate. Very good value for money.

― Amie K